Our advantage

Extensive research, Global reach

Fidelity’s advantage is its research capability. Over 300 investment professionals1 contribute to and share the investment insights used by our portfolio managers. Our globally integrated network of talent provides the breadth and depth of research to uncover the most attractive investment opportunities.


Research strength

Our investment professionals conduct thorough, first-hand research to understand the true investment potential of companies and deliver consistent value to investors. Rather than relying purely on third-party research, our investment teams across the globe visit companies in person and make extensive inquiries at every level of a company, from factory floors to senior company management, and even a company’s suppliers, distributors and customers.

What’s more, our reputation and scale allows us to attract the very best talent in the investment management industry, and retain their services for, on average, long tenures. This stable pool of talented analysts and portfolio managers allows us to maintain a consistent approach to investment management.


International reach

Fidelity‘s research capabilities have a truly global footprint. We benefit from analysts based in Boston, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Mumbai, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Our research covers more than 95% of the world’s largest listed companies2. But it’s the way we work that really sets us apart. Our integrated network of talent freely shares ideas and concepts. Ideas in one region can inform investments in another, giving us a truly global understanding of financial markets that few investment managers can match.


Our range of funds

We offer one of the broadest ranges of investment solutions to help investors meet their financial goals. In addition to traditional equity, fixed income and cash funds, we also manage a diversified portfolio of multi-asset, property and target-date funds.

In Hong Kong, Fidelity is a leading retirement solutions provider, serving the territories pension scheme needs under the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (ORSO) since 1988 and the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System since its formation in 2000. With a comprehensive range of ORSO and MPF funds, we are dedicated to serving both the investment and retirement needs of investors in Hong Kong.

1. As of 30/06/2017. Data is unaudited.

2. World’s largest listed companies as defined by the MSCI World Index.