Our investment philosophy

Better research. Better minds. Better ideas

Fidelity believes investment markets are not completely efficient, meaning securities can sometimes be mis-priced. By uncovering insights that others may have missed, we can take advantage of this mis-pricing to add value to our clients’ investments.

Our investment approach places first-hand, detailed research at the core of our decision-making. With every security investigated meticulously before being included in our funds, we build our funds from the bottom up, security by security, taking into account market trends but not being driven by them.

Our portfolio managers are ultimately responsible for the performance of our funds. They are encouraged to excel in their duties by developing individual flair, but aided by our global research capabilities.

Our analysts undertake extensive research at all levels of an organisation to understand exactly how it is positioned to deliver value to investors. It is a process that demands access to the company’s most senior management, offices, plants and factory floors. It sees us talking to the company’s local and international competitors, analysing its industry, visiting its outlets and talking to its customers to develop a genuinely proprietary view on a company's ability to generate returns for investors. We believe it is only through such first-hand contact – rather than bought-in research – that we can fully evaluate an investment's true potential, and consistently add value for investors in our funds.

The scale of our operations world-wide enables us to find lucrative investment opportunities in both good and bad times.