Our competitive advantage

When choosing a fund management organisation, investment credentials, extensive resources and a high level of client service are important considerations. Not only does Fidelity possess all of these qualities, we also have the strength and commitment to repeat our successes year after year. We are driven by a single-minded determination to deliver the best for our clients. The attributes that have made us successful are neither superficial nor temporary - they are deeply ingrained in the structure and philosophy of the company.


Our performance record is the result of an investment process we have relied on ever since the company was founded. We base our investment decisions on in-depth analysis carried out by our international network of investment professionals.


We have always focused on producing the best returns for our clients. Our expansion has been underpinned by a continuous programme of investment in innovative technology.


We never forget that our future success depends on the quality of the service we provide to our investors. In an ever-changing environment, we work closely with our clients to devise investment strategies and products to suit their needs.

Our investment philosophy

Ever since Fidelity was established, we have firmly believed that the key to producing impressive performance is to conduct first-hand, in-depth research. Portfolio managers combine this research with their highly focused trading skills to build strategic portfolios that deliver attractive returns.