Fidelity Funds –
Emerging Market Corporate Debt Fund

“Our independent and extensive credit research help us identify great investment opportunities in the

fast-growing and under-researched Emerging Market Corporate Debt market.”

- Eric Wong, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Higher return potential
in emerging markets

Companies that benefit from higher-growth economies can offer potentially stronger returns.

Lower volatility than
emerging market equities

Emerging market debt provides access to growth markets while exhibiting substantially less risk than emerging market equities.

Diverse exposure across
countries and sectors

Rigorous credit selection captures opportunities across sectors and countries including Latin America, Africa, and Asia to minimise concentration risks.

Market outlook and how it impacts the fund

  • Emerging market economies have rebounded strongly with manufacturing PMIs suggesting near-term growth.

  • The improving fundamentals are recognized by rating agencies with more credit rating upgrades.

  • Emerging market corporate debt continues to represent a valid alternative for investors who look for higher yield, while benefiting from a lower duration than hard currency emerging market sovereign debt or other global corporate markets.

Meet Eric Wong, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager