Our media studio

Fidelity International now has two in-house media studios in London and Hong Kong that can connect directly to your news stations in broadcast quality. Live or pre-recorded interviews can be arranged for news commentary around the world.

Fidelity Hong Kong media studio

The media studio and booking system in Hong Kong is now fully operational, bringing on-demand video, broadcast, and webcast facilities in-house. The studio has a wide-range of capabilities and the ability to connect in real time with global broadcast media outlets such as the BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC. News outlets can connect live to the studio for immediate market commentary or prefer to conduct a pre-recorded interview with our spokespeople in both studios.

Fidelity Hong Kong media studio interview

You can leverage our in-house studios to enhance contents by:

  • Live crosses for TV stations in broadcast quality, regardless where the stations based.

  • Pre-record interviews for TV stations and online media.

  • Live media webcasts from the studio can be joined by journalists around the world.

  • Video sound bites can be placed in Digital News Releases.

  • Studio interviews and sound-bites can be distributed through social media

If you have any idea how to leverage the studio to create innovative digital content, please contact Fidelity International Asia Pacific Corporate Communications at AsiaPacific-CorpCommTeam@fil.com