• This fund invests primarily in global diversified portfolio of high quality and short-dated bonds.
  • This fund may be subject to investment, emerging markets, foreign currency, RMB currency and credit rating risk, and the risk of investing in loans. Although the fund will generally invest in income-producing securities, it is not guaranteed that all underlying investments will generate income and higher yields generally mean that there will be increased potential for capital appreciation and/or depreciation for fixed income securities. This fund may invest in bonds or debt securities which may be subject to credit, liquidity, counterparty and market risks. The fund will invest in investment grade debt securities, which may be subject to ratings downgrades by the rating agencies that may affect the net asset value of the fund. The fund will also invest in non-investment grade bonds and unrated securities which may be subject to greater credit and liquidity risks, and may be more volatile than higher rated securities. The fund is subject to risks associated with investments in China fixed income instruments, such as credit, insolvency and liquidity risk of fixed income instruments.
  • This fund can invest in derivative instruments which may involve additional risks (For example, leverage may cause greater volatility).
  • Investors may suffer substantial loss of their investments in the fund. Investor should not invest in the fund solely based on the information provided in this document and should read the prospectus (including potential risks involved) for details.

Fidelity Funds - Global Short Duration Income Fund A-ACC-Euro

  • Price date: 07/12/2018
  • Morningstar rating: -
  • Risk rating+: 3

Performance & NAV

Annual performance Total return (%)

<span>Annual performance</span> Total return (%)

Morningstar benchmark (%)

Morningstar benchmark (%)

Cumulative return Fund (%)

<span>Cumulative return</span> Fund (%)
YTD6 mths1 yr3 yrs5 yrs

Morningstar category (%)

Morningstar category (%)
YTD6 mths1 yr3 yrs5 yrs

Morningstar benchmark (%)

Morningstar benchmark (%)
YTD6 mths1 yr3 yrs5 yrs

As of 31/10/2018, based on latest unit NAV of most recent calendar month.

Fund details

Investment objective

This fund seeks to deliver an attractive income whilst maintaining an average duration of investments that does not exceed three years. The fund primarily invests in a portfolio of global fixed income securities, including, but not limited to, investment grade corporate bonds and government bonds of varying maturities, and high yield bonds and emerging market debt denominated in various currencies. Emerging market debt may include investments within, although not limited to, Latin America, South East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe (including Russia) and the Middle East. The fund may invest into Money Market Instruments and/or other short term debt instruments including certificates of deposit, commercial paper and floating rate notes, as well as in cash and cash equivalents. The fund may invest its net assets directly in onshore China fixed income securities listed or traded on any Eligible Market in China. The portfolio seeks to maintain an overall average credit rating of investment grade1 but the fund may invest up to 50% of its assets in high yield bonds. Portfolio information: The average credit rating is the weighted average of all fixed income securities’ credit ratings in the fund (including investments through derivatives) and excluding cash. At least 50% of the portfolio will be invested in investment grade1 fixed income securities, with the balance invested in, but not limited to, high yielding debt securities, which normally carry sub-investment grade ratings and emerging market debt. Such balance will not be required to meet minimum credit rating standards. Not all securities will be rated for creditworthiness by an internationally recognized rating agency. The manager is not restricted in his choice of companies either by region or country, and will choose bonds largely determined by the availability of attractive investment opportunities. Onshore China fixed income securities are listed or traded on any Eligible Market in China, and are issued by a variety of issuers such as government, quasigovernment, banks, financial institutions or other corporate entities established or incorporated in China or corporate entities with commercial activities in China.

About this fund
Fund details as of31 Oct 2018
Denominated currencyEUR
Fund launch date09 Oct 2008
Class launch date14 May 2012
Class launch price10.00 EUR
Fund size366.55 million
IndexNot Benchmarked
Morningstar BenchMarkBBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg USD
Morningstar CategoryGlobal Flexible Bond - USD Hedged
Unique Identifiers
Bloomberg ticker
PhoneXpress code
Fund manager
Fund manager
(Start date)
Rick Patel
(09 Oct 2008)
Fund Fees
Sale ChargesUp to 3.50%
Annual management feeUp to 0.75%

There are other fees and charges for the fund and please refer to the prospectus for details.

Volatility Measures
3 years standard deviation

As of 31/10/2018

Risk rating

As of 31/08/2018

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Since launch date to the end of launch year.


Source: Fidelity.


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