Schroder ISF - Asian Bond Total Return A1-ACC-USD**

  • Price date: 16/03/2018
  • Morningstar rating: 2 out of 5 stars
  • Risk rating+: 3
  • Only for clients who undergone training on derivatives products.


Fund details

About this fund
Fund details as of28 Feb 2018
Denominated currencyUSD
Fund launch date16 Oct 1998
Class launch date16 Oct 1998
Class launch price4.79 USD
Fund size368.48 million
IndexICE BofAML USD 3M Dep OR CM Yld USD X 100%
Morningstar BenchMarkMarkit iBoxx ALBI TR USD
Morningstar CategoryAsia Bond - Local Currency
Unique Identifiers
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There are other fees and charges for the fund and please refer to the prospectus for details.

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This fund is closed to new subscriptions.

As part of the investor protection requirements from the Securities and Futures Commission, only clients that have undergone training on derivatives products can buy this fund. Fidelity Personal Investment account holders can log in to Fidelity Online to complete a short course on derivatives.


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