What does the survey reveal?

Fidelity MPF Readiness Index

The Fidelity MPF Readiness Index is an annual survey compiled by Nielsen, an independent marketing research firm. The survey interviewed a total of 1,014 MPF members who are aged between 20 to 65 on full-time or part-time basis with a monthly salary of HK$7,100 or above, conducted between 1 and 14 August 2017. The index measures the level of awareness (iKnow), understanding (iCare), and engagement (iControl) among MPF members have towards their MPF. The average score for each component of the Fidelity MPF Readiness Index are shown below.

  • iKnow


    iKnow indicates members’ awareness of their MPF accounts.
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  • iCare


    iCare reflects members’ understanding of their MPF accounts and MPF portfolio.
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  • iControl


    iControl shows the level of engagement and proactivity members demonstrate when managing their MPF accounts.
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How to improve your MPF Readiness Index?

Take a proactive approach to managing your MPF and in building a better future.

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