How to improve your Readiness Index?

Take a proactive approach to manage your MPF today

Remember that MPF is part of your assets which will be affected by how active your engagement towards MPF management.

  • Identify your knowledge gap, by asking yourself if you know, what are MPF funds? Do I understand the different MPF fund choices? How do I choose MPF funds that are suitable for me?

  • Familiarise yourself with where to search for MPF knowledge, an exhaustive amount of information is available on MPFA website, Investor Education Centre - "the Chin Family" website and market updates regularly provided by your MPF service provider.

  • Stay engaged by joining member briefing sessions, enrolment sessions and investment seminars organised by your employer or MPF service provider. Contact them for assistance when needed.

  • Review your annual benefit statement and fund fact sheets on a regular basis. Adjust your fund choices if necessary.

  • Do not forget to adjust your investment strategy according to different life events, such as changing job, purchasing a property or getting married.

  • Continue to review and manage your MPF accounts in a disciplined manner. Do not overlook the potential impact of compounding over a long period of time.

  • Consolidate your MPF accounts when changing employment to fully keep track of your assets.

  • Come back and check out your MPF Readiness Index later to see if you are continuously improving!