Making additional contributions

Strengthen your retirement investments for a better future

Do you think your retirement assets are growing fast enough for the retirement you dream of?

Consider setting up a Special Voluntary Contribution (SVC) Account with Fidelity. With even just a few hundred dollars extra per month, your retirement assets may benefit from compounding as your investment returns are reinvested over time.

  • There are two options in setting up an SVC Account:

     Monthly contribution via direct debit authorisation, at a minimum of HK$500 per month.

     One-off lump sum investment, at a minimum of HK$1,000.

  • With an SVC Account, you will also enjoy:

     No contribution charges on your investments.

     Competitive fee and a one-stop-shop service platform.

    For up-to-date MPF fee comparisons, visit the Fee Comparative Platform on the MPFA website.

    As with your other investments with Fidelity, you can review and manage your SVC Account with Fidelity Online.

Start by opening an SVC Account

Fill out a Special Voluntary Contribution Account – Membership Application Form and send it over by post
Call the Fidelity Investor Hotline at (852) 2629 2629 and let us sort it out for you.

Already have an SVC Account?

You may top up your investment with a single payment anytime by filling out Lump Sum Payment Form.

To set up a direct debit authorisation or change your direct debit account for your monthly SVC, you may use the following forms:

Direct Debit Authorisation Set-up / Change of Direct Debit Account Form for Single Name Bank Account

Direct Debit Authorisation Set-up / Change of Direct Debit Account Form for Joint Name Bank Account

If you want to change your SVC monthly contribution amount, fill in the Change of Special Voluntary Contribution Form.

If you want to make a withdrawal from your SVC Account, fill in this form.

Learn to manage your account

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