Adjusting your MPF or ORSO account

Take control of your retirement investments

Have you checked on your MPF/ORSO investments lately? If the answer is “no”, maybe it’s time for you to reconsider your approach. No matter how capable your asset manager is, your active participation is crucial to the success of your investment portfolio.


Your retirement investment portfolio is like a sail. If you don’t adjust it according to the direction of the wind, your boat is unlikely to gain the momentum it needs to get you where you want to be.

Depending on the life stage you are in, you may want to adjust your MPF investments to meet your financial needs. There are two general ways to do so:

 MPF asset switching

You can adjust your portfolio’s risk/return profile through asset switching any time without charge. If your complete instructions are received by HSBC by 4pm (Hong Kong time) on a valuation day, your existing holdings will be sold at the day’s closing price and the proceeds will be reinvested in your new allocation on the same day.

 MPF contribution re-direction

You can change how your future contributions or transfer-in assets will be invested through contribution re-direction. This does not impact the existing holdings in your account.

Ready to make adjustments to your MPF investments? Here is how:

Make use of Fidelity Online and do it over the Internet.
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Call the Fidelity Investor Hotline at (852) 2629 2629 and let us sort it out for you.
Fill out the Asset Switching/Contribution Re-direction Form for Members and send it to HSBC by fax at (852) 3409 2638 or by post to the address stated on the form.


To know more about Fidelity ORSO investment services, please call us at (852) 2629 2629.

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