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With an account set up, you are ready to grow your wealth. Let us provide you with some practical advice and information on how to navigate the waters.

Personal Investing guide

Fidelity International has a range of investment solutions covering all regions, industrial sectors and asset classes to suit your financial goals. Check out how you can make use of our products and services to maximise the growth potential of your investments.

Managing your MPF & ORSO

Your MPF & ORSO assets are an important part of your retirement planning, and we encourage you to take an active interest in how they are managed. There are many ways to strengthen your retirement investments.

Understanding your own needs

A good investment strategy starts from knowing your personal goals. After you have decided where you want to be, it is then time to embark on the journey. We would like to be there for you through every phase of your life.


Starting your career
It is never too early to invest. You should consider it right from the start of your professional life to take advantage of the power of compounding.
Saving and investing
It is important to modify your saving and investing strategy according to your life stage and financial goals.
Changing jobs
It is common for people to switch employers and, subsequently, retirement schemes over the course of their career. You are advised to keep track of your accrued benefits.
Preparing to retire
If you are approaching retirement, you may wish to begin planning for your golden years by reviewing your finances and considering how you can create a regular income stream.
Living in retirement
Your financial planning does not end at retirement as you want to enjoy it for years to come. How you manage pension plan benefits and other assets is more important than ever.

Do the maths

Financial planning involves calculation. Check out the host of tools and calculators we have designed to help you do the number crunching.

Tools & calculators 

Learn about investing

Investing does not have to be complicated, but you do need to know the basics in order to do it well.

Check out our guides to selecting funds.