Selling funds

All you need to know about redeeming investments

Make use of Fidelity Online and do it over the Internet.
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Let us serve you personally through our Fidelity Investor Hotline.
(852) 2629 2629
Fill out a Redemption Form and send it over by post.
Fidelity does not charge for the redemption of units in any funds. Fidelity will also remit the proceeds free of remittance charges*.
You may choose the currency in which the redemption is made but please ensure the receiving account is designed to accept the elected payment currency.

How and when you will receive your proceeds

The net proceeds of your redemption will be credited to your registered bank account. This will normally be paid within five business days.

For the protection of the account holder, Fidelity will not accept any instructions to pay to a third party under any circumstances.

Minimum remaining investment values

If you do not wish to sell your entire investment, the value of the remaining assets must not be less than the following minimum values.
Asset class Minimum remaining value
Equity Funds USD2,500
Balanced Funds USD2,500
Asset Allocation Funds USD 6,000
Lifestyle Funds USD 2,500
Bond Funds USD2,500
Money Market Funds USD2,500

When will an order be executed?

If we receive your complete instructions by 5:00pm Hong Kong time on any valuation day, we will normally execute the order on the same day. That is with the exception of BlackRock and First State Investments funds, which are prescribed 2:00pm as the cut-off time.

Please note that "valuation day" refers to any weekday (Monday to Friday), excluding 25 December and 1 January. Full details can be found in related Prospectuses.

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