Setting up a Monthly Investment Plan

Sowing the seeds for financial security

Do you have goals that you can only realise with greater financial support? Are you looking to cut down on your spending so you can accumulate wealth faster? Do you struggle to find time to manage your investments? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from setting up a Monthly Investment Plan that will get you in the habit of investing regularly.

How it works

You can start a Monthly Investment Plan for as little as HK$1,000 per month per fund. It takes four to six weeks to set up Direct Debit Authorisation for this service. You may contact the Fidelity Investor Hotline (852) 2629 2629 for assistance or contact the bank directly.
New client
You may open an account and have a Monthly Investment Plan set up at the same time. Simply fill out an Account Application Form & Client Agreement and make sure that you complete Section 9 for “Monthly Investment Plan”.
Existing client
You may set up a Monthly Investment Plan by filling out the Monthly Investment Plan Application Form.
If you already have a Monthly Investment Plan but want to adjust the contributions, fill out the Change of Monthly Investment Plan Form.
* Please ensure the pre-set limit of the debiting account is sufficient for the newly chosen amount.

The more you invest, the lower the fee

Compared with a lump-sum investment, the Monthly Investment Plan carries a lower maximum sales charge on your contributions.
Sales charge
1.0% 0.0%
Total monthly investment
amount (HKD)
Below $20,000 $20,000 or above