Changing jobs

Starting a new chapter

Changing jobs is a great opportunity to review your retirement assets.

As you take on a new challenge in your career, you will also have a new MPF or ORSO account. It is up to you how to manage your existing and new retirement assets.


Managing your MPF assets in one place

After leaving a job, if you do nothing to the pertinent MPF contribution account for three months, your MPF assets will be rolled over to an MPF personal account by the same MPF scheme provider. You will continue to receive annual benefit statements from it even when no new contributions are made.

Every time you start a new job, you will be enrolled in a new MPF scheme, and the situation outlined above will occur again when you leave. It is common for a Hong Kong worker to have more than one MPF personal account.

For easier management of all of your MPF assets, you may want to consolidate them under one MPF account. Consider doing so with Fidelity to enjoy our diverse selection of fund products and professional service.
Consolidating your MPF 

Reviewing your MPF portfolio

Every MPF scheme offers funds of different risk and return profiles to suit your needs. Your risk tolerance also changes as you move from one life stage to another, so it is important to adjust your portfolio’s asset allocation accordingly.
Adjusting your MPF or ORSO account 

Giving your retirement investments an extra boost

As your earnings increase, you may also want to make additional MPF contributions to increase your retirement investments’ growth potential. Consider setting up a Special Voluntary Contribution Account.
Making additional contributions 

Setting up other investment plans

Life is full of excitement and there are so many goals that you may want to reach, such as starting a family, raising children and going on that trip of a lifetime. Making sound investments can help you achieve these aspirations.
Personal Investing 
Understandably, while you are building your career, you might find it hard to devote much time to managing your investments. Consider setting up a Monthly Investment Plan for a hassle-free way to grow your wealth.
Setting up a Monthly Investment Plan