Making the right decisions for your future

Good financial planning starts from knowing what you want in life and setting goals.

There are many milestones to look forward to in life, and sound management of your retirement and personal investments is key to reaching many of them. Your investment needs will change as you move through different life stages.

  • Starting your career


    Embarking on your professional journey is exciting, and it is also the best time to start planning for your retirement, even though it may seem like a long way off.

  • Changing jobs


    Your career is moving ahead, and you are focusing on new challenges. It’s important to not let your retirement planning fall by the wayside. Make time to review it. As your income grows, you should also consider investing more.

  • Saving and investing


    As your finances are stabilising, you want to start fulfilling your dreams. Interest from savings alone will not be enough. Getting into the habit of making informed investment decisions is critical. Our services and tools can help.

  • Preparing to retire


    As your retirement nears, you may want to review your assets and see if they are growing at a pace that will allow for a comfortable life after work. Revise your strategy as needed to keep things on track.

  • Living in retirement


    It is time to collect your accrued MPF and ORSO assets, but investment planning does not end here. It is important that you continue to invest and make your wealth grow so that you can enjoy your retirement to the full.

Do the maths

Our host of tools and calculators are designed to help you plan.

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