Preparing to retire

Is your retirement on track?

As your retirement nears, it is important to review your portfolio and make sure that your plans are on track.


Reviewing your MPF portfolio

Your risk tolerance changes as you move from one life stage to another, so it is important to adjust your portfolio’s asset allocation accordingly. If you are a Fidelity MPF member, find out how by clicking the following link.
Adjusting your MPF or ORSO account 
Or consider opening a Special Voluntary Contribution Account with Fidelity.
Making additional contributions  

Making more investments on the side

Your MPF and ORSO assets form a major part of your retirement plan, but they alone may not be enough to carry you through your golden years. Other than the aforementioned Special Voluntary Contribution Account, you may also consider a Personal Investing account with Fidelity.

Getting the extra help

Consider setting up a Monthly Investment Plan for a hassle-free way to grow your wealth. You can adjust the contribution amount at anytime based on your financial objectives.
Setting up a Monthly Investment Plan 
Invest as little as US$100,000 and you will become a Fidelity Wealth customer with access to exclusive services that aid your investment strategy.
Fidelity Wealth 

Checking up on the progress

Let’s do a quick tally and see where things are and whether or not amendments to your strategy are needed.