Saving and investing

Fulfilling your dreams

Invest with Fidelity and seize all the possibilities life has to offer.

You work hard for what you want – the dream house, the smart car, the family you hope to build – all these goals require financial backing. A sound investment strategy will help you achieve these goals.


Turn to the experts for results

With decades of global asset management experience, we know how to achieve long-term investment growth. We offer a host of products and services to fit your financial needs.
Managing investments can take up a lot of time and energy. Consider setting up a Monthly Investment Plan with Fidelity for a hassle-free way to grow your wealth and to benefit from decades of global investment experience.
Setting up a Monthly Investment Plan 
Invest as little as US$100,000 and you will become a Fidelity Wealth customer with access to exclusive services that aid your investment strategy.
Fidelity Wealth 

Reviewing your MPF portfolio

Every MPF scheme offers a range of funds of different risk and return profiles to suit your needs. Your risk tolerance also changes as you move from one life stage to another, so it is important to adjust your portfolio's asset allocation accordingly.
Adjusting your MPF or ORSO account 

Topping up your retirement investments

On top of your current pension plans, you may also start a Special Voluntary Contribution Account with Fidelity for as little as HK$500 per month or HK$1,000 as a lump sum investment.
Making additional contributions 

Number crunchers

Need some ideas on how much you need to save and invest to reach your goals? These tools can do the maths for you.