Starting your career

Invest with Fidelity and embark on a journey of possibilities

As you begin your professional life and establish your career it is important to consider your financial future. Starting to save and invest at the early stages of your career can help set you up well for whatever life may have in store, be it starting a family, changing jobs, or retiring.


Getting set up for MPF or ORSO

By law, if you have been employed for a continuous period of 60 days or more, your employer will have to set up an MPF or ORSO account for you. You have to make the decision on how the monthly contributions are invested.

If you are a member of Fidelity MPF or ORSO scheme, you may be interested in knowing more about:
Selecting funds for your MPF  Selecting funds for your ORSO 

Let us be your trusted partner

Whether you are a member of the Fidelity MPF or ORSO scheme, or just looking to invest with us, you may consider setting up a Special Voluntary Contribution Account to strengthen your retirement assets or starting a Personal Investing account to save up for life goals.
Making additional contributions  Personal Investing 

Getting all the information you need before investing

If you are new to investing, we can help get started with some basic knowledge. You may also make use of our retirement goal calculator to get an idea on how to work out a saving and investing strategy for yourself.