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Whether it’s your first house, kids’ education or retirement plans, there are many moments in life worth investing for. Fidelity can help you get there. To help you achieve your financial goals, Fidelity offers a global range of mutual funds, available in various currencies and invested in different asset classes.

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Global Multi Asset Income

Asian Equities

Having invested in Asia for almost 50 years, our experience and in-depth understanding of Asian markets is evident from our track record of performance across all market cycles.

Global Multi Asset Income

Global Multi Asset Income

Keep calm through uncertain market conditions with our highly flexible, adaptable solution. Built smarter. Time and time again.

Asian Fixed Income

Asian Fixed Income

Take advantage of our boots on the ground in China and the region, and discover opportunities in Asia’s dynamic bond market.

Investment capabilities

Bond funds

Fidelity bond funds aim to deliver regular income and the potential of capital gain. A key part of a diversified portfolio, our bond funds cover the spectrum from investment grade to high yield to suit different risk appetites.

Equity funds

Fidelity equity funds aim to provide investors with long-term capital growth. Our broad offerings range from diversified regional funds, single country funds to global sector/themed-based funds.

Multi asset funds

Fidelity multi asset funds invest in a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, cash and other assets, with the aim of providing investors with regular income and long-term capital and income growth.

Cash funds

Fidelity cash funds invest in a wide range of money market instruments with the aim of preserving capital value while providing a return at minimal risk.

Lifestyle funds

Fidelity lifestyle funds are diversified target-dated portfolios whose asset composition becomes increasingly more conservative as the target date approaches.

Systematic Multi Asset Risk Targeted (SMART) funds

Fidelity SMART funds aim to deliver equity-like, risk-controlled returns. Highly diversified across asset classes, they use a proprietary model to maintain overall volatility within a long-term target range.