Fidelity Online

All your investments at your fingertips

Having the right tools enables you to seize investment opportunities as they arise.

Fidelity Online is a secure platform for our customers to manage their investments over the Internet. Your Fidelity MPF & ORSO accounts and Fidelity Personal Investing accounts can be viewed together, allowing you to check your portfolio’s transactions, account statements, latest performance as well as profit and loss.

Additional features for MPF & ORSO:

 Intuitive functions allowing you to manage your monthly contributions and switch between funds.
 SMS and/or email notifications upon activation of Fidelity e-Message service.

Additional features for Personal Investing:

 Intuitive functions allowing you to buy, sell and switch between funds from Fidelity and renowned third-party investment managers with round-the-clock convenience.
 e-Statements service showing account records from the past 24 months, with an optional email notification capability to alert you when a new statement is available.

You may also check out our mobile app, which allows you access to the latest market updates and fund information, as well as your portfolio, through your mobile device.