Fees and pricing

The bigger your account balance, the more you save

Rates are calculated based on your account balance with Fidelity Personal Investing.
The higher the total, the lower the rate you pay.

There are two ways for you to invest with us:

1. Lump sum investment
Investing with us can be as simple as making a deposit: you may choose to put in a one-off investment amount and start buying funds. The fees for buying a fund and for fund-to-fund switching are as follows:

  • Sales charge (per transaction)
    Total investment balance (USD)*Cash fundsBond fundsEquity & other funds
    $1,000,000 or above 0% 0.30% 0.60%
    $500,000 - below $1,000,000 0% 0.45% 0.90%
    $250,000 - below $500,000 0% 0.60% 1.20%
    $100,000 - below $250,000 0% 0.75% 1.50%
    $50,000 - below $100,000 0% 1.05% 2.10%
    Below $50,000 0% 1.50% 3.00%
  • Switching fee (per transaction)
    Total investment balance (USD)*Cash fundsBond, Equity & other funds
    $1,000,000 or above 0% 0.10%
    $500,000 - below $1,000,000 0% 0.15%
    $250,000 - below $500,000 0% 0.20%
    $100,000 - below $250,000 0% 0.25%
    $50,000 - below $100,000 0% 0.35%
    Below $50,000 0% 0.50%

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2. Monthly Investment Plan
You also have the option of setting up a Monthly Investment Plan for a hassle-free way to continually invest in funds. With a Direct Debit Authorisation set up, your desired financial future will steadily take shape while you focus your time and energy on building a successful career. The minimum investment amount of a Monthly Investment Plan is HK$1,000 per fund per month.

Sales charge1.0%0.0%
Total monthly investment amount (HKD) Below $20,000 $20,000 or above
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* The charge rate table above includes only sales charge and switching fee for investment in Fidelity Funds class A shares and third party funds distributed by Fidelity. For other fees & charges, please refer to the relevant offering documents. The table and related terms apply to accounts opened after 1 July 2015. For accounts opened on or prior to 1 July 2015, different fees & charges may apply.

The charge rate applicable to your Fidelity Personal Investing Account is set based on your total investment balance with us (generally excluding MPF or pension scheme contribution invested) when you opened your account. Although the applicable charge rate would not adjust automatically as your total investment balance changes over time, we reserve the right to review and adjust the rate if the minimum investment balance for your tier rate is not maintained (irrespective of whether such changes is a result of market movements or redemptions) with prior notice. If you maintain a higher investment balance and would like to enjoy a more preferential rate, please contact us for an account review of your tier rate. Please call the Fidelity Investor Hotline on (852) 2629 2629 if you have any questions.