Fidelity Wealth

Taking it to a new level

Invest more than USD100,000 with us and you can enjoy preferential sales charges and fees, and become a Fidelity Wealth member with access to exclusive privileges:


Personalised service

As a Fidelity Wealth client, you can expect to receive expert opinions and market information, complemented with personal guidance to help you successfully reach your investment goals.

Select List - With insights from Fidelity's investment professionals, we can help you choose funds from our Select List.
Exclusive events - you will be invited to seminars reserved for Fidelity Wealth clients, where you can meet experts from Fidelity and our fund partners, and gain insights that can help you stay ahead.

We aim to provide you with relevant information and the right tools based on your personal investment objectives, risk appetite and unique financial situation, so that you can make informed decisions that steer you towards your goals.

Interested in becoming a Fidelity Wealth client?

All the exclusive benefits detailed on this page are only a phone call away. Contact us via our Fidelity Investor Hotline (852) 2629 2629 and let us help you get set up.