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2017 Market Outlook

The latest insight from our investment experts on navigating financial markets.

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Your MPF readiness index

Use the Fidelity MPF Readiness Index Quiz to identify the areas of MPF management that you need the most help with.

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US Election 2016

Our experts examine the investment implications of the US Election and what it may mean for investors.

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Let’s get there together

Whether you are thinking about your family's wellbeing or trying to fulfil your own personal dreams, you need an investment partner who is also thinking ahead. For nearly half a century, Fidelity's research driven expertise has been delivering long-term performance and helping generations of investors feel confident about the future.

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Whatever market in the world you want to invest in, Fidelity has it covered

Our wide range of funds provides investors with investment options in all major asset classes, geographic regions and industries.

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MPF and ORSO, your retirement journey

Don't leave your future financial security to chance. Find out how Fidelity MPF and Fidelity ORSO can help you plan your retirement with confidence.

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Personal Investing made easy

Take control of your investments with our broad selection of funds and services.

If you invest USD100,000 or more with us, you will become a Fidelity Wealth client and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits.

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Understanding long-term opportunities

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started, the insights from our global team of investment experts can help you in making informed decisions.

Covering the basicsMarket outlook

2016 Analyst Survey

Powered by 400 of the brightest minds in the business, our global team of analysts and investment professionals leave no stone unturned in their hunt for the finest investment opportunities. Each year, we survey our analysts to obtain a unique bottom-up view of the investment world. With the global outlook finely balanced in 2016, the results this year are compelling.

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Recognised for outstanding performance

Fidelity has won 15 industry awards in 2016, in recognition of our outstanding investment capabilities and management quality.

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