Benefits of consolidating your MPF assets:

ONE service provider to take care of all your MPF needs
ONE consolidated annual MPF benefit statement for all your preserved MPF benefits
ONE username & password for online access (if applicable)

How to transfer MPF assets to your Fidelity Personal Account?

Whether you are a Fidelity MPF member or not, follow these simple steps to complete the enrolment procedure:

STEP 1: Enrol into a new Fidelity Personal Account

If you DO NOT have a Personal Account with Fidelity, please fill in the following form.

Download Personal Account Membership Enrolment Form - Form PA

If you already have a Personal Account with Fidelity, please proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: Please choose the suitable transfer service

A. Consolidating your MPF Personal Accounts to Fidelity
Download Form MPF(S)-P(M)
Forgot the number of MPF account(s) you own?

If you would like to make an enquiry via Fidelity, please complete the Personal account Information Enquiry - Authorization form (Principal Intermediary) .

B. Transfer of the “Employee Choice Arrangement” accrued benefits
Download Form MPF(S)-P(P)
Want to find out more about the “Employee Choice Agreement”?

Download ECA leaflet.

STEP 3: Fill in all the required forms

Please refer to the Step-by-step guide to filling in your transfer forms, or call (852) 2629 2629 for enquiries.

STEP 4: Form submission

Please return the completed form(s) to:

Member Services, Fund Services Hong Kong, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited, P.O. Box 73448, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

(Note: Fidelity’s Trustee will inform you once your form is processed.)

Please fill in and return the Transfer Out of a Guaranteed Fund - Risk Statement Acknowledgement (Form TG) when transferring your accrued benefits OUT of a guarantee fund you are currently investing in.

Please contact us for any queries.