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Index shows that you are lacking basic MPF know-how and have very little understanding of your MPF accounts! Retirement planning way ahead is like training for a marathon. The earlier you start your planning, the better your outlook. You need to push yourself and start to pick up speed now!

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Recommended Tactics
Consolidate your MPF accounts when changing employment to fully keep track of your assets.
Do not forget to adjust your investment strategy according to different life events, such as changing job, purchasing a property or getting married.
Stay engaged by joining member briefing sessions, enrolment sessions and investment seminars organised by your employer or MPF service provider. Contact them for assistance when needed.
Continue to review and manage your MPF accounts in a disciplined manner. Do not overlook the potential impact of compounding over a long period of time.
Come back and check out your MPF Readiness Index later to see if you are continuously improving!
Fidelity MPF Readiness Index

The Fidelity MPF Readiness Index is an annual survey measuring members’ level of awareness, understanding and engagement with their MPF as a benchmark to enhance MPF management. The Index in 2017 raised to 69.6 from 69.1 a year earlier.

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